Venice at Night

Venice at Night w/ Easel.

Venice at Night is 4 inches tall X 6 inches wide. She pops with shades of blue and other magnificent colors. Usually found on a nightstand or small shelf, Venice at Night is very shy and never goes anywhere without her BFF “Easel”. Bring Venice at Night w/ Easel home!
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Last Seen...

Venice at Night w/ Easel were last seen entering a Mini Mart in Hermosa Beach, CA on May 20, 2019. The Los Angeles Police Department refuses to help us look for our missing pals. We need your help - please!
They have no money and are probably hungry by now.
You can report a sighting on Facebook and Twitter.

You Can Help!

Venice at Night w/ Easel were last spotted in Hermosa Beach, CA and are believed to be on their way to San Diego. They could be anywhere by now. Please, if you have a heart, bring them home. Enter PROMO CODE: FOUND and get 30% OFF your order.

We Miss You Venice at Night!

Pictured below: Venice at Night (left) along with Free Bird (center), and Ocean Blue (right) in happier times. PostHastePics’ Le Petit canvas prints measure just 4"X6" inches. Bursting with color, hand-stretched, paper-backed, and individually signed.